• Our water is bottled in our state of the art factory and is tested daily.

  • We offer both still and a carbonated water (which can be made to your exact requirements).

  • Our water and factory is fully approved by UK and EEC governmental standards.

  • Our water is supplied fresh with a minimum of 18 months shelf life.

  • The pH Value of the water is typically 7.8

  • Sourced over 35 metres below protected land.

  • Our water is naturally filtered by layers of rock on its journey to the surface, giving it a pure crisp taste.

  • Our water and factory is fully approved by UK and EEC governmental standards.

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Calcium           47.8       mg/l

Magnesium     9.2          mg/l

Potassium       2.2          mg/l

Sodium            13.8        mg/l
Nitrates           10           mg/l

Sulphate          0.21

PH                    7.8

From the first bottle we produced to the latest one going down our production line, we always strive to make sure every bottle is made in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.

The unique sandstone geology beneath our Spring is responsible for the subtle blend of minerals and the crystal clear water. Excellent composition and superior taste combine to create a premium spring water.



All our raw materials are sourced from local companies within the UK. Both our glass and plastic bottles (and PET caps) are 100% recyclable and we are currently investing in new technology to produce a new range of bottles made solely from recycled material.


We currently offer an ECO bottle which uses 25% less PET than a standard bottle and has biodegradable labels.


All our bottles are 100% BPA free.


Our source is on protected land and the guardians ensure that no chemicals or contaminates are used – keeping the land organic and our water pure.

In order to reduce our carbon footprint we deliver using optimal loads and our drivers always take the most direct routes.


Where possible we use rail networks to reduce emissions further.


We can also offer charity donations for every bottle produced – not just to one of our partner charities – but to one of your charity partners.

We work with a number of charities and can add this to your brand if required



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