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Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Branding Creates User Loyalty

When you are trying to promote your product, having it branded is a great way to promote loyalty. When you have a good product that gives people something useful, having it branded can build loyalty to your company. Branded bottled water is a flawless method of getting a brand's message out there. A number of businesses benefit using this kind of branding and marketing, and it's also brilliant for giving value to your customers and you will see your sales numbers greatly increase. There are many other benefits of user loyalty and this is why having a brand marketed is so important. When it comes to sales, having your customers back your brand is vital to the future of your company. If you would like your company to have that many followers, you have to build a brand around your products and services.

Branding Motivates People to Buy & Creates an Emotional Connection with Buyers

As you will learn, over time branding will often motivate people to buy. Having a brand makes you look important and professional at the same time. When people see a brand on your bottled water, they often feel like they are getting a product that has been well developed and well put together. On the other hand, when people see a generic looking bottled water they will often shy away from it. People, especially in the Western world, have been taught that brands are reliable and that they can trust them. Marketing firms of the past have helped create this culture and it stands today. For a lot of people, appearances are everything. Branding bottles of water is a simple strategy to help make a statement relating to your company - that you value your customer's health. It is wise to consider what kind of water and packaging to opt for in order to show the right message. Branded bottled water is wonderful for promotion and marketing because it creates an emotional connection with buyers. People simply love to buy products with brands. As we learned just above, many people are taught from childhood that brands are a good thing. So, having a product brand of your own can really help you connect with your customer base. For a lot of people, appearances are everything. Branding bottles of water is a simple strategy to help make a statement relating to your company - that you value your customer's health.

Branding Helps You Deliver the Message

When you are trying to get the word out about your business by marketing and promoting, the process can be difficult. A great way to do that is with branded bottled water. Having a brand will help you deliver a clear message that potential customers can understand. Building a brand is much like building a company. Having a company with branded bottled water and products that people can trust just might help you become a national brand that is recognised nationwide.

Many businesses spend most of their money on marketing strategies such as radio, Tv and internet advertisements. But, how effective are these when compared to branded bottled water? When you offer branded bottled water to your customers the bottles are often taken out of hotel rooms, cafés or exhibition stands and your branding remains with your customers. They may even re-use the bottle. Both will spread your message more effectively and is also a direct benefit to the target audience. The average bottle of water take 50 minutes to drink (Mintel 2013) so your brand can be in your customers’ hands for nearly an hour – increasing exposure and standing out.

Branding Will Give Your Products an Edge

With competition so high, promoting and marketing your products can really be difficult. There are so many different products on the market and some of them may be very similar to yours. So, to help your products and company stand out from the rest, why not use branded bottled bottled water? Branding can really give you an edge over your competition and help your products stand out from the crowd. This is very important if you would like to see your company and products succeed.

These are just a few reasons why branding is so important to promotion and marketing. If you want to be successful in getting the word out, you should think about building your brand today. Taking on board the above points, the strategy could increase the number of customers interested in your business. Over the past 5 years custom branded water consumption has increased by 52% (Mintel 2014). Hotels, Restaurants and cafes are moving towards custom label water as it gives them a chance to engage with their customers – market their brand and increase their exposure.


Branded bottled water is a great strategy for promoting your brand and message. Choosing Atlantis Spring Water Waters will mean less expenses paid on other forms of marketing and more creativity in terms of the labelling. We can work with any size business and always focus on delivering the best possible result.

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