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Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Magazine on a bottle is a new concept in the UK. Magazines have been a vital way of attracting more targeted: specific magazine titles appeal to specific target groups more so than a newspaper advert. Companies all over the world have been using magazines in an effort to advertise and sell their merchandise.

The standout benefit to using magazines is their potential to display images of a greater quality than one would find in newspapers or direct mail. Images of a higher standard, which are represented with full gloss and colour, result in a cleaner, crisper picture of your products. This endows the public with a better understanding of your business. Magazines have a longer “life” than newspapers, they sit about in doctor's waiting rooms, magazine racks and with collectors.

If you decide to work alongside our company, we can assist you in placing a magazine of your choice onto a 500ml bottle of water. It can include as many as 32 pages and, once you're finished drinking, it can be removed with ease allowing your customer to take the magazine with them.

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