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Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Branded water has always been seen as an expensive option, however at Atlantis we can match, or often beat your current suppliers charges.Your label is yours to own. You can place a wealth of information, run competitions and promotions or even donations to your chosen charity. You have the option to change your label throughout the year and make your bottle really stand out to your customers. It is easy to hand out; people will carry it around and when they look at the bottle they will think of your brand. You don't need something fancy and pricey to get people to remember your company.

Corporate Events & Exhibitions

What better way to raise your company profile than with promotional bottled water. Your name and logo will be everywhere when it is branded on a bottle. A business meeting is a great place to have a giveaway. Problem solving, team building, status updates, and board meetings, each one requires conveniences to make everyone comfortable. Bottled water containing your establishment's logo sitting on the table will leave a favourable impression. It is sure to impress employees as well as clients. Atlantis Spring Water offers branded bottled water to help you get recognition. It may be at a festival, show, sporting event or even a wedding where promotional water makes a welcome and visual giveaway or great table talking point. Additionally, they are an affordable marketing method for any size business. Whether you are considering a long term investment or one off special event, bottles of water are a good choice.

Fund Raising & Sponsorship Water is the one thing that is always needed at charity events. Supplying your very own branded bottled water will keep participants hydrated and healthy and will give your business a good image.

Atlantis Spring water works with number of charities and other nonprofits helping them engage with their audiences increasing their impact and reach through brand research, messaging, visual identity. The bottles also prove useful when dealing with sponsorships. Sponsoring a club or school team looks great for your brand. Bottled water is a fantastic handout for attendees and participants. It's the perfect way to display your civic mindedness, show that you're interested, and spread the word about your company

Business Promotion

Refresh your customers and display your message with promotional bottled water. On average customers have reported a 15% rise in sales of custom branded water compared to standard water – as consumers chose to interactive with your brand. Our promotional bottled water can help businesses to promote their brand. However, it's not just the bottles themselves that are noteworthy. The spring water is crystal clear and low in sodium, meaning that it's healthier than tap water. A giveaway is one of the best ways of making sure people remember you. Healthy giveaways such as personalised bottles of water are one of the most efficient branding approaches out there.

Retail & Hospitality

Our stylish glass bottle range complimented with your personalised logo and label design will provide a classy addition to your restaurant tables. Create your own brand and promote your business with your very own brand of bottled water ensuring your logo receives optimum exposure.Whether your business runs in an office or from a shop, private labelled bottled water will engage them. Before your clients leave, giving them a bottle ensures they aren't leaving empty handed. Furthermore, your logo and information leaves with them. They will appreciate the special touch and you'll reap the extra marketing. No matter where you place and use your branded bottled water, they do the work themselves. It not only spreads the name of your company, but promotes a healthy lifestyle; which appeals to many.

What better way to promote your business than with branded bottled water
Customised Branded Bottled Water

As well as including your logo, you can adjust different aspects to match your brand and what you're company is about.

Design a magazine to attach, pick from glass or plastic, still or sparkling, and how you want the label to look. We have a range of printing techniques to choose from. Check out our scratch and sniff, colour changing/glow in the dark inks, fluorescent and reverse side printing. Atlantis Spring Water loves to help people. Whether you're looking for potential customers or holding a big meeting, branded bottled water can be a useful tool. Contact us today to get started, you won’t regret it.

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