What are the Benefits of Drinking Spring Water

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Benefits of drinking spring water
Spring Water

If you know that you need to drink water regularly in order to maintain the fluid balance in your body and stay well-hydrated but do not like drinking tap water, then maybe you should rather drink spring water, which has many benefits for your body.

Although tap water in England is of a decent quality, some individuals refuse to drink it because it often smells and tastes of fluoride which is added to protect the dental hygiene of those who cannot afford to do so themselves, but which is a known carcinogenic.

While the Drinking Water Inspectorate says that tap water in the UK is 100% safe to drink, there are many toxins in the water:

  • There are trace metals such as lead and aluminium, which can be lethal, especially to children;

  • Chlorine by-products that are linked to colon cancer and bladder cancer, especially in men and postmenopausal women;

  • Disinfection By-Products (DBPs) including haloacetic acids and trihalomethane, caused by chlorine interacting with natural organic matter, and known to be carcinogenic;

  • Runoff pesticides sprayed on UK farmland annually and which end up in rivers, lakes, ponds, and eventually in our drinking water; and

  • Hormones excreted by women on hormone replacement therapy treatment or contraceptive pills, which contaminate the water with the oestrogens.

Benefits of Drinking Spring Water

Drinking spring water is the safest option as it is the most natural, pure water and contains many essential minerals that our bodies need:

  • Spring water contains no toxins and promotes the growth cells because of its perfect mineral composition;

  • Spring water is low in magnesium and calcium and has a perfectly balanced PH of 7.5;

  • Spring water is 100% free of any sort of contamination or toxins;

  • Spring water is considered safe for new-borns to drink, so it has to be good for you;

  • Drinking spring water is drinking water in its raw, natural state; the way nature intended it;

  • Spring water tastes great and will make your tea and coffee taste much better as well.

Buy spring water that is bottled in glass bottles as opposed to plastic bottles so that there is no leaching of chemicals from the plastic and no bottles to end up in landfills.

Our water is sourced over 35 metres below protected land and is naturally filtered by layers of rock on its journey to the surface, giving it a pure crisp taste.The unique sandstone geology beneath our Spring is responsible for the subtle blend of minerals and the crystal clear water. Excellent composition and superior taste combine to create a premium spring water.



Calcium           47.8       mg/l

Magnesium     9.2          mg/l

Potassium       2.2          mg/l

Sodium            13.8        mg/l Nitrates           10           mg/l Sulphate          0.21

PH                    7.8

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